Android Apps

Apk to Sd Card

Allows you to copy your apps to the sd card without root. Size only 0.4 Mb

Video to mp3, mp2, aac or wav. Batch converter

Select multiple video files (mp4, flv, 3gp) and convert to mp3, mp2, aac or wav

Floating Battery Percentage %

App to show battery percentage anywhere on the screen.

Share Apps from your device

Easily share apps from your device to other devices

Time Lapse to Cloud

Watch, Monitor and make time lapse uploading the photos auto to the cloud

Lista de la compra por Supermercados

Crea tu lista de compras ordenada por los supermercados más conocidos de España

Guia de Peces de Río

Una guía en la que podrás consultar 56 especies y una sección de pesca.

Video Compressor and Cutter

Compress and cut your videos so they take less. Supports multiple formats

Android Games

7 and a Half & BlackJack HD

The games of “seven and a half” and “blackjack” in one application.

Piramidroid. Pyramid Solitaire. Card game

Piramidroid is a fun card game. Now you can challenge other players!

Piramidroid Levels. Card Game

Have fun with this entertaining card game. With 100 levels.

PhotoPairs. Memory game.

PhotoPairs is the matching game photos, suitable for all ages.

PuzzLand. Sliding Puzzles

Puzzland, the game of sliding puzzles

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